Fleet Tracking and Management System

Driver identification, Maintenance, Journey Control, Vehicle Events, Vehicle Checklist, Reporting, Fleet Monitoring and more!

For just $22.99/mo. you get:

  • No contracts - EVER

  • Email and push notifications

  • Free shipping

  • Live Location Updates

  • Google Maps™

  • Plug and Play Device

Vehicle Routes Control

Vehicle Route Control

Have complete control of your vehicle's driving route, comparing the current route with the fastest one to gain productivity. Find out if there is any specific use of the vehicle through route deviations.

Online Reports of Vehicles

Online Reports

With Contele software, you will have detailed reports such as time of use. total miles driven. engine idling hours, average and maximum speed, exceeded speed limit, among others.

Access up to a full year of a vehicle's history.

Determine where your vehicles can travel

Sometimes the vehicle isn‘t where you set to be. and to control this we help you create several electronic fences. The Contele Fleet Tracking allows you to control the time of arrival and departure of places you have determined.

All notifications are recorded in reports and automatically sent to your email.

Determine where your vehicles can travel

Monitor when employees are working

Through 3 specific reports you will know maximum driving time. total driving time. number of miles driven per driver and hours worked. Therefore increasing your legal security.

Workday of Driver

Benefits of Contele Fleet Tracking

Reduced Fuel Costs

Reduced Fuel Costs

The driver starts using the vehicle correctly, avoiding reckless driving.

Maintenance Reminders

Maintenance Reminders

Create and schedule all your maintenances according to your vehicle's mileage, and get reminders via email.

Real-Time Traffic

Real-Time Traffic

Make faster route decisions with our Best Route feature and get online traffic information. Save your time and money!

Reduces Traffic Fines

Reduces Traffic Fines

By identifying the driver responsible for the tickets. we provide valuable information. The driver also starts paying more attention.

Free Upgrade

Free Upgrade

We have our own development team. We are always bringing innovations and improving our services with suggestions from our customers.

fleet management fuel consumption

No Down Payments

Homologated and leased equipment for your company and without adhesion fee. In addition, you still have a Zero Risk Guarantee system.


Powerful tools for your fleet drivers

With Contele Driver, your fleet staff can get the best of Contele's technology solutions, with a modern application that allows them to identify themselves, perform safety checklists, get important messages and alerts, and monitor refueling registry, all inside the app.

Contele Driver is available for both iOS and Android.

Fuel logger and fill up records

Monitor fuel efficiency, monthly fuel costs and fuel consumption with a fully fledged fuel logger. Never spend any more of your time calculating and setting up charts.

All the driver needs to do is to download the Contele Driver app and start logging - we do all the hard lifting for you!



Plug-in-Play lightning fast installation

Keep track of your fleet on the go, with data updating every 15 seconds. Our plug and play device installs a tracker into the OBD II port and it includes manufacturer’s unlimited lifetime device warranty.

It works with any vehicle manufactured from 1996 onwards. Our tracker is incredibly small, at 1.18 x 1,85 inches.

Available on the web and mobile apps

Contele GPS tracker is only $22.99 /mo. with no contract options and no cancellation fees. Shipping is free!

Contele Driver is available for both iOS and Android.

Not convinced yet? Here's 6 more reasons on why you should start tracking your fleet:

Reduced Fuel Costs

Native mobile apps

Track your fleet with reports and push notifications using our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

fleet driver monitoring

Monitor Driving Activity

And the location of your tracking device even when you're not in the Office.

gps tracker for car fleet

Free shipping

Installing is easy, simple and cost-free.

gps fleet monitoring system

Built-in GPS

Monitor unsafe driving habits such as speeding, and use of vehicle outside working hours.


Set up geofences

Identify important locations and monitor when your GPS vehicle tracker enters or exits your geofences.

fleet management fuel consumption

Reduce fuel consumption

By as much as 20 % per month (!) by monitoring and coaching your drivers.

Contele Fleet Tracking and Management System for Businesses: No Contracts.