Team Field Manager System

Check in and Check out, Route Visits, Checklist-based Forms, Distance Refunding, Team Map Monitoring, Digital Service Order, Scheduling, Visit Reports and much more!

For just $22.99/mo. you get:

  • Google Maps™

  • No contracts - EVER

  • 1000+ software integrations

  • Apps for both field teams and managers

Companies that use Contele Team Field Manager


Planning and Routing of Visits

Planning Visits: Plan the routine of your external team before going out into the street, distributing visits easily and quickly.

Visits Routing: Use the 'Best Route' feature to find the best path for your customer, with integration with Google Maps, Waze and Uber.

Visits Right in Your Hands: With the APP, your external team will have all scheduled visits for the day, knowing how long you can stay in each of them, optimizing features and time.

Planning and Routing of Visits

Monitoring and Control of Visits

Monitoring on Team Map: Keep track of your employees and know where they are at all times, directing care to those who are closest to the client.

Customer Visitor Control: Through GPS technology, we can assure you that the visit has taken place, identifying if the check-in has occurred near the client and if it has not been done nearby you will be informed in the reports.

Monitoring and Control of Visits

Custom Forms, Checklist and Picture about the Visits

Custom Forms: Assemble your form to your needs and collect strategic information about the visits.

Task Checklist on Visit: With a simplified checklist, the visit becomes faster and faster. So your team has an objective visit and saves time.

Photos of the Visit: Using the photo features on the visits, you and your outside team will have more confidence about what was done during the visit.

Custom Forms, Checklist and Picture about the Visits

Digital Work Order

Scan Your Operation: Everything that was done on the visit becomes a digital work order, with photos and customer signature.

Comments on Photos: Through the smartphone, the external team records photos and inserts comments, making it easier to view and control the details of the visit.

Digital Work Order

Automated Mileage Reimbursement

Automatic and Accurate Reimbursements: The mileage reimbursement is automatically refunded by check in and check out of visits and the accuracy of Google Maps.

Outbound Refunds: Outside staff may include individual refunds of visits, attaching photos, choosing category, and reimbursement cost center. Everything awaits the validation of the manager.

What's new: The user can now enter comments on individual refunds and link to specific places and visits.

Automated Mileage Reimbursement

APP Contele Manager

Manage your team wherever you are: With the Contele Manager APP, you can view the team on the map through your Android and iOS smartphones.

APP visit control: List completed, pending, and refused visits. View details of visits such as forms, photos and digital signatures.

Planning and routing of visits: schedule visits from outside staff and use the Best Route feature to get faster, saving time and money.

APP Contele Manager

Benefits of Contele Team Field Manager

cost reduction

Cost reduction

Companies that use the Contele Team Field Manager reduce expenses with expenses such as fuel, paper, and other resources.


More Visits per day

Users of the Contele Team Field Manager can plan and better route their visits. Some average visits up to 7 visits per day.

delayed visits

Visits that last less

Checklist and Digital Forms decrease the duration of visits. Contele's Team Manager clients arrive on time at 96% of visits.

visit planning

Planning and Results

With the manager's planning, and the visits schedule on the user's smartphone, companies that use the system can accomplish more than 93% of planned visits.


Collect Customer Feedback

The client will be visited by a team that uses technology, will receive the details of what was done by e-mail, being able to evaluate the quality of the employee's service and digitally sign.

external team productivity

Productivity Indicators

Your company will have indicators and ranking of productivities, providing data and ways to implement improvements in the external team.

Plans and Prices

No deployment fees and no surprises.

You can hire the amount of licenses that your team needs.

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Privacy and confidentiality of your data guaranteed term of use..

Integrations with +1,000 applications

Zapier and Contele Integration

Integrate Contele Team Field Manager with ERP's, CRM's and +1000 applications

Pipedrive and Contele Integration
Google Sheets and Contele Integration
Gmail and Contele Integration
Sales Force and Contele Integration
MailChimp and Contele Integration

+1000 applications

Zapier is an integrator that enables easy automation of actions between different applications and software that your company uses.

Via Zapier, you can send and receive information about Locations, forms and visits of the Contele Team Field Manager to more than 1,000 applications available on Zapier


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