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Our digital services help you have control over your business, so you can focus on making it grow.

Everything You Need to Bump Productivity While Cutting Down on Costs.

We create powerful and meaningful software for ever growing companies - and thanks to 16 years worth of know how, our team of engineers, developers, specialists and consultants make it all possible.


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About Us

Founded in 2003, Contele is both a mobility and a tech company. With B2B strategies, we serve small to medium sized enterprises, where there's a growing demand for digital solutions at an affordable price.

Innovation is in our DNA and we're in a constant evolving process, that's why we're up to date on the latest and greatest in tech trends. Our cloud-based solutions provide stellar support and results for your needs.

Vision: Becoming the leader in mobility solutions to small and medium sized enterprises.

Mission: Offer cutting edge mobile technology - while being accessible to small and medium sized enterprises.

Values: Aknowledgement, Competetiveness, Honesty, Respect and Humbleness.

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